Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020
Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020
Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020
Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020
Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020
Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020

Modern Engraving: Introduction / Advanced/ Professional (On-Line Version Live via Zoom): Begins July 14, 2020

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Moderne Engraving is a live on line course via Zoom. This live on line course features three student development tracks.

The class projects kit (none, basic, professional) must be purchased separately.

Each week will feature a live class meeting, projects, and questions period. Recordings will be available for students who can not attend the live session. 

1) Introduction to Modern Engraving (4 Weeks)

The On-Line introduction to Modern Engraving class will be meet once a week over a four-week term to learn the basics of engraving. Please see full description below.

2) Introduction to Modern Engraving + Advanced Engraving (8 weeks)

Students enrolled in the Advanced Track will then continue for an additional four sessions learning advanced engraving skills and working on special projects.

3) Professional Track (12 weeks)

The professional track will include 4 additional weeks of business development and coaching. 


The Modern engraving class (On-Line Version) teaches the the skills necessary to translate the students unique hand from pen and paper to drill and glass. Students are expected to have a basic familiarity with common letterforms and be able to write them proficiently before class begins.

On-Line Engraving students will learn to engrave on glass, metal, agate, and other surfaces using a quiet, low speed, low vibration, rechargeable drill. By the end of the class, students will possess the basic skills needed to start producing produce beautiful artwork and personalized merchandise. 

Your skills will quickly transform as you use your newfound writing instrument to translate your calligraphy style from paper to glass. Under the skilled hand of calligrapher and engraver, Carla Hagan, students will learn how to operate, hold and manipulate the drill to create the appearance of your calligraphic hand on glass using the drill. 


About the Instructor:

Carla Hagan is a professional engraver and calligrapher based in West Palm Beach, Florida. With over 14 years of professional calligraphy experience, five years ago Carla jumped into the engraving scene. With a few months of practice, she was able to learn how to transform her calligraphy hand to glass engraving. Carla has built a vast network of corporate engraving clients including Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Glenlivet, Chivas Regal, Josh Wines, Redemption, Cartier, Louboutin and Chanel. Carla is often hired to engrave at on-site corporate and wedding events.


The introduction to engraving curriculum features an intensive, hands-on approach to learning.

Carla will share her knowledge of the most effective engraving tools, techniques, supplies and of course safety.

Then we will get right into the basics of glass engraving, getting comfortable with the operation of the micro-motor and drill, burr rotation, and the different burrs to available to use.

Next, we will get into engraving design and be working on glass surfaces of various shapes and sizes, including  engraving on a curved surface. Carla will sharing how to avoid mistakes and when necessary, how to “fix’ mishaps.

By the end of this class, you will be comfortable enough to make beautiful, personalized gifts and expand your business by offering engraving and on-site appearances along with calligraphy services. Students who complete this class will have the skills necessary to begin personalizing gifts and begin working on site events that often earn in excess of $100 per hour.

Topics we will cover in class include:

The pros and cons of engraving systems on the market

Care and Maintenance of burs and where to purchase them.

Different surfaces you can engrave on

Tips and tricks for lefty's

Engraving supplies and reputable vendors

Engraving safety

Solving common engraving problems.


Professional Track 

An additional 4 sessions of our business program will provide the basics for opening your own engraving business, with the goal of students being ready to launch their engraving business upon graduation. The business sessions will include the following topics:

·      Business Structure (Corporation, LLC, Sole Proprietorship), Business Insurance

·      Business software, checking accounts, and pricing for profit

·      Developing and managing long term repeat clients

·      Growing your business.

The business sessions will include guest instructors who will share how they developed their businesses and guide students on how to avoid some common business mistakes. At the conclusion of the program each student will receive a professional certificate.

Upon the successful completion of the professional certificate program, students will be eligible to join the Carla Hagan Designs engraver referral program.


Required Engraving Kit (must be purchased separately) 

All students will need a complete engraving kit to include

  • Cordless micro-motor drill (Basic or Professional): The Professional micro-motor is a 35,000 rpm, brushless micro-motor with 6 hour battery. 

  • Collet

  • Burrs

  • Safety goggles or glasses

  • Glass project samples

  • Course Manual 


    Why should I take an instructor led online class as opposed to a recorded one?

    Live classes provide the benefit of immediate feedback and encouragement from the instructor. Having difficulty with a skill, the live collaborative environment allows you to learn from both the instructor and your class mates. 

    What Equipment is needed for the Class:

    Students will be provided a supplies list upon registering for the online class. 

    What's the refund policy?

    This class is nonrefundable. A minimum of 6 students is required for the class to be held. The class will be rescheduled in the event 6 students are not enrolled.

    Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable to another student?

    Your ticket can be transferred to another participant up to one week in advance of the class. Any transfers of tickets must be approved by Carla Hagan designs by email at

    What happens if I cannot attend the Live On-Line Class?

    The live classes and projects will be available to view for the duration of the course. Students who are unable to attend the live event, will be able to review the class recording during this course period.


    Can I start my own Engraving business with the skills learned in this class?

    The skills and knowledge obtained in the introduction to engraving class and the advanced on-line course will provide the students the basic knowledge and skills needed to start to personalize items. We recommend the Professional-Track engraving class if you want to start your own local engraving business. As part of the class contract, students agree not to develop or participate in programs where they teach engraving to others. Students will be required to sign additional non-competition agreements for Florida events.