The Creative Crew

Is the fastest growing team of onsite event artists specializing in calligraphy, engraving, embossing, hand painting, and experimental personalization brand activations

Information and Entertainment featuring your brand

The Creative Crew is a carefully curated listing of top-tier artisans for events and brand activations. If you are searching for artists for brand activation, trade show event, conferences, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or private parties, you can rest assured that members of the Creative Crew are simply some of the best in their field.

Members of the Creative Crew have been carefully vetted by Carla Hagan Designs review team for experience, artistic talent, and quality. Before a vendor is invited to join the Creative Crew, they are thoroughly researched to ensure they can meet the stringent referral criteria of Carla Hagan Designs.

All Members of the Creative Crew are independent contractors who are event professionals and carry insurance for all activations. When you enlist a member of the Creative Crew to represent your brand, you can be certain they are a true professionals.

The Infotainment service they will provide your brand involves learning talking points about your brand to engage your customer and present a spoken 30 second brand introduction while personalizing a special gift for your customer to keep.

Our talented team of artists specialize in
Calligraphy, Engraving, Embossing, Hand Painting for on site events

Custom Onsite Event Calligraphy

Our team of talented calligraphers use dip pens and ink, paint, watercolor, and even chalk to create custom hand written elements for your event. Our Calligraphers can create place cards, seating charts, envelopes, invitations, escort cards or any other hand written element for your event.

Onsite Hand Engraving

There is never a lack of interest as guests walk by our engraving activations. If even just to stop and ask what is occurring, our talented team of engravers always draw a crowd and present your sales team an opportunity to get your message out. No surface is safe from the Creative Crew engravers. Bottles and wine glasses, to acrylic and metal, most surfaces work well for hand engraving and personalization. Consult with our team for suggestions for the best products to personalize on site or prior to your event.

Hand Painting for Events

Our talented hand painting artists can paint on almost any surface including leather, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, and more.

Draw a crowd and get your message out to clients as they pass by your activation and are drawn in by the skill of our artists. From handbags to custom boxes, our team of painters can personalize almost any surface with expert skill. 


Hand embossing is the process of heat stamping gold foil lettering deeply into leather surfaces. Hand embossing creates one of a kind, personalized leather gifts for your clients.

Are you an engraver, calligrapher or event artist?

Apply for membership with the Creative Crew and work with Carla Hagan and her associates to build an amazing portfolio and improve the on-site event experience for your client.  

As a member of the Creative Crew you receive:

Monthly team video calls with Carla
& other crew members

Access to private coaching groups

Generate event leads from your profile.

Leverage pooled advertising benefits

Participate in monthly contests

Exclusive email address

Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint, and Outlook

Exclusive access to Microsoft Teams

Exclusive Member only perks

And much, much more...

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Inaugural Creative Crew Team Members

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