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What is the Creative Crew?


Carla Hagan Designs has been approached by several national brand clients regarding the availability of a network of calligraphers, engravers, painters and artists, available for referral across the country. In the interest of building this network beyond weddings  and expanding brand activation opportunities for calligraphers, engravers, lettering artists, and artisans nationwide, the Creative Crew was developed.

The Creative Crew is a carefully curated listing of only top-tier artisans. Because our clients deserve a one stop resource they can trust to find top-quality artists,  our service is created with them in mind. The Creative Crew listings are intended to offer our clients a worry-free browsing experience while our Creative Crew members enjoy a showcase in keeping with Carla Hagan Designs’ commitment to quality. More than simply enjoying targeted advertising space, our Creative Crew members are a handpicked community of artistic experts. No matter if you are searching for artists for brand activations, retail promotions, personalization events, trade show events, conferences, weddings, Bar Mitzvah, galas, or private parties, you can rest assured that members of the Creative Crew are simply some of the best in their field.

How do you choose the vendors for the Creative Crew?

There are plenty of websites and social media destinations offering calligraphy, modern calligraphy, personalization services, engraving, photo booths, and other artistic services. The challenge is finding out if the vendor you see on-line is truly capable of meeting your exacting expectations. How does a person with little knowledge of hand calligraphy, engraving, or other art determine if the artist they are reviewing is up to par, can they do the job? The answer is, most don’t. Most people guess at the quality of the artist and get less than they expected. A member of the Creative Crew has been vetted by Carla Hagan Designs review team for experience, artistic talent, and quality. Before a vendor is invited to join the Creative Crew, they are thoroughly researched. The process to become a Creative Crew member is actually quite rigorous.


First, we review the online face of the perspective creative crew member and ask ourselves is this the person we would hire to represent our business. Because in essence, that is what they are doing. When you select a member of the Creative Crew to work as part of your event, you are trusting our recommendation. Our goal is to never disappoint. We work only with interested, vetted vendors who agree to provide quality work to meet our exacting review standards.

Next, we thoroughly review the vendor's business. Their portfolio, their experience, their time in the industry. We get to know who they are and why they are good at what they do. Our review team spends time conducting interviews with potential vendors, screening their personalities and skill while getting to know them, choosing only out those we believe are truly devoted to their craft. When we are confident we have found a truly gifted, experienced, and professional artisans who will represent your brand, company, or event to the highest possible level of expertise, then and only then do we invite them to be a member of the Creative Crew.  The Carla Hagan Designs’ Creative Crew program is an invitation-only directory that is dedicated to  commitment to quality, professionalism and positive brand experience.

Do the Creative Crew members pay to be listed?

If a perspective vendor is accepted to be part of the creative crew, they will pay a modest membership fee to be listed. The membership fees help to pay for advertising and administrative costs of keeping the Creative Crew service available. The membership fees do not affect who is invited to join the Creative Crew. If we are not convinced we have found artists that fit the requirements of a particular category, we will leave it empty rather than list someone who we don’t feel is up to the task. The Creative Crew is a hugely unique advertising vehicle that brings the best artists to experienced Brand Activation Managers, brides, and marketing executives across the country.


How do I become a member of the Creative Crew?

To begin the membership evaluation process, fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Why are there only a few vendors per category, when there are so many more great vendors in any given state?
There are so many sites out there that list all of the vendors in a particular region which is often really overwhelming and of little benefit to the client. We are committed to only providing the top-tier vendors as referrals. That way you can trust, when you contact one of our Creative Crew members, you are dealing with an experienced professional.  Membership in the Creative Crew is based on reputation, professionalism,  and quality. By only extending membership to those vendors we really feel are top tier, do we feel we can be confident in listing them as part of the Creative Crew.

As a final note
We expect the most from our Creative Crew members! We appreciate your thoughts and your time, while we appreciate your feedback, please note these vendors who are members of the Creative Crew are independent from Carla Hagan Designs and therefore Carla Hagan Designs is not responsible.

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