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Carla strongly believes that in-person workshops are the best way to learn the skill of engraving. There is no equivalent for the experience of attending an in person class, the beauty of participating as the day unfolds how confidence grows, strangers become friends, and how quickly bonds are formed where lasting friendships are made. During in-person workshops, Carla can work individually with students, quickly making corrections to guide students to success.

However, we understand that not everyone can travel to attend an in-person workshop. Thats why Carla developed her on-line engraving programs. Standing separate from the rest, Carla's courses feature live, interactive classes where Carla coaches students through the hands-on engraving experience. On-Line classes can be attended by smart phone, tablet or desktop computer with camera. 

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The engraving class met every expectation and more.  Your book is also fantastic. Thank you for sharing your expertise, individual time with each student and clarity with so many questions. This should be a basic requirement for anyone wanting to learn the art of engraving.

Anne J. Los Angeles Student

Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful class! You're so sweet and generous with your knowledge and I really appreciated you flying all the way here to host the class!

Catherine - San Fransisco Student

Thank you for your fantastic class. I was so glad to be able to participate in your class!!

Jessica - San Fransisco Student

Carla's class was nothing short of exceptional. She is very knowledgeable about her class and a great instructor. I learned more about engraving techniques in this workshop than I ever expected.


As a lifelong lover of both calligraphy and learning, I have never left a course feeling so much gratitude for the course material, knowledge, and most of all, the opportunity to learn from a most remarkable woman.  Carla is so humble, warm, funny, and approachable, in addition to her profound expertise.  She is authentic, brilliant and an excellent teacher.  In life, there are very few artists that are not only experts in their field but also able to share their knowledge and inspire their students.  Carla is this educator.  She possesses many gifts but most importantly she teaches exceptionally well.  With her lifetime of experience, personal anecdotes and lovely personality, she offers each of her students the opportunity to learn, grow and be inspired.  WHAT. AN. OPPORTUNITY to learn from Carla.