The hardest part of any great occasion is having to watch it come to an end. If only, when the night is over and your guests have left their final blessings, your best man has retired his scribbled speech cues, and the bridesmaids their bouquets, the magic of your event could still linger on their bedside tables and mantelpieces for years to come. 

With the burgeoning collaboration between Carla Hagan Designs and RABLABS Anna New York Collection, your occasion can endure just so—in the demure twinkling of a Brazilian Amethyst druze, or the milky spiral of an Azure agate frame.  RABLABS provides exotic luxury in an array of household items, some of the most popular being coasters, napkin rings, platters, knives, clocks, and pictures frames. 

Carla Hagan is the first registered RABLABS vendor in the Southeast to combine the natural beauty of these novelties with the resplendent art of calligraphy. With winning combinations such as agate coasters as place cards, or picture frames as wedding favors, she can transform an already eye-catching conversation piece into a personalized family keepsake.  RABLABS pieces are edged in 24K gold or sterling silver, enhanced by gold or silver leaf calligraphy by Carla Hagan. The products of this collaboration are by no means reserved for weddings alone: a housewarming, birthday, graduation, anniversary, or simple dinner party could be the ideal environment for a calligraphed RABLABS piece. Explore the gallery below to see a few examples, and visit to look through all your potential possibilities.